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    • Being lied to 5
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With Official Company Response

I just do not like this company, don't like the service and have been insulted by my rep. I have added texting to my site, much less money and works better. Their operators in the conversations emailed to me were misleading my clients and making them think they were trying to connect them to me when they were never doing anything of the such. I feel that is very misleading. I say keep looking, better options out there, the text messaging option... Read more

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They forced further cycles of SEO services on my CC when I told them that it wasn't working for me. I was getting called from solicitors than actual customers. I was losing money from their service. The people calling me would sometimes ask useless questions and nothing else. For example, one service I provide is skylight replacements... One person called only to ask,"in my professional opinion, what soap should i buy to clean my skylight". They... Read more

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With Official Company Response

After some time we found that reach local had simply attached their format to our existing website ! the print out of calls read like a preschool play and had as much credibility as the taliban I could have got my 5 year old grandaughter to answer the calls and had more success There has been no follow up as promised no emails or visitation the whole thing seems to be a scam ! once the money is paid they run away to find another victim We were... Read more

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With Official Company Response

We had ReachLocal call, stating that they had talked to us in January about our website being non-compliant and that we needed to call them back to resolve the issue. First of all, non-compliant with what? We are following all rules as required by the State (i.e. license numbers with advertising, etc.). Secondly, we have never talked to ReachLocal. We aren't sure why they would attempt to start a business relationship with a lie, which is... Read more

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Where do I begin with the issues! I needed a new company web site, so after talking with several other companies I decided to go with RL, at a $1700 monthly commitment on my part. We started with web design of our new company pages, I wrote ALL text and sent .wd files over to Robbie Brito at Reach to then send to his outsourced developer. Now, I am a great Mover, but not a copy/text technical writer, but when I got the finished product back... Read more

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Resolved With Official Company Response 100% FULL

I was running a very successful PPC campaign for an urgent care customer. ReachLocal promised to bring in more business, expand their web presence through their superior technology. It has been a complete disaster. Calls went way down, visits to the urgent care went way down. I gave them access to my Google Adwords account so they could improve the campaign and see the keywords that worked. They never took a look. We were locked into a 12... Read more

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ReachLocal delivers fantastic service. I have attended Free Digital Marketing Events at Google's head office with the ReachLocal Team in Toronto. Very knowleagable about Digital Marketing and delivers what they promise. Excellent customer service and quality leads. I do my search campaign with ReachLocal and I also use their tracking software called reachedge. I really like the software as it gives me complete visibility on where my leads are... Read more

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With Official Company Response

My campaign with ReachLocal has started from Sep 02, 2015 and have paid for two cycles till date. As the campaign is supposed to bring me more business and increase the traffic and the phone ringing but unfortunately your campaign did not add any revenue to my business in last 35 days. Here is the full story : I used to run my own campaign with Google directly and was getting over 10 corporate clients every month which add revenue to my... Read more

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where shall I start....well after spending hours talking with Ashley Brown, in Ottawa Ontario, Canada, I thought I would give reach Local a try, after giving them my money and trying to reach Brown, my emails were totally ignored for a week while she was on holidays, no automatic out of office reply, nothing..when she finally got to my emails and replied to me, no apologies, nothing...and all the things she said she and Reach Local would do for... Read more

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I used to work there are they only care about targets and making money off clients, not providing customer solutions. I couldn't get out quick enough. They are only a reseller of Google adwords and have not propriety products of their own. When they dont hit googles revenue targets where they get a rebate, they are an unprofitable company. Thats why they chase the target instead of the customer solution all the time. I was getting managed out... Read more

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