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I spent over £250,000 with ReachLocal UK The offer and contract was simple, they charged me a 10% management fee on top of whatever I chose to spend with Google on pay per click (my campaign budget) Reach Local Sales Pitch eg – You Spend on Ad £1000 a month + 10% fee The Con They actually KEEP 40-50% of Ad Spend + charge you 10% fee I'm lucky I got my money back. The CEO John Mazur and Sales Director Richard Bray both personally signed me up personally.

I have a recording (kept safe) of the Platform Director admitting that ReachLocal have 2x platforms, platform 1 which customer see, this platform shows the customer how and when every penny is spent with Google creating the illusion that ALL your advertising spend (aka campaign budget) is being spent appropriately with Google (Bing etc). Platform 2 (which the customer doesn't see) shows the real spend which is at least 50% less than the customer thinks/believes is being spent on the advertising campaign. Platform 2 which is hidden and ReachLocal deny exists, is vital to ReachLocals business as Google has to audit ReachLocal to ensure it is operating within Googles operating polices, ReachLocal show Google Platform 2, not the customer facing Platform 1. How do you get your money back?

Do what I did, it’s very easy. Call up all the sales staff individually and pose as a potential client, ask questions & ask them for customer testimonials…they then brag and tell you their big customers, delighted to name names. Contact every customer and let them know, offer to meet and show them (I met Mercedes who spent £100,000 per month with Reach Local) Reach Local will be delighted to see the back of you. Sadly for the good decent staff at Reach Local UK, by the time they I had spent every day for 2mths contacting their clients, the then CEO Craig Harris made a decision to get rid of me by giving my money back, Reach Local was now losing money as customer left in their droves.

Interestingly Craig Harris had come to the UK from Reach Local Australia who had the same problems with customers finding out they had been lied too and weren’t being charged 10% management but rather 50-60%, Craig managed to successfully contain the problem and steer ReachLocal Auz onwards and upwards. Here’s Craig’s contact – Craig Harris Managing Director & C.O.O. Reachlocal Europe BV m: +31 6 46 87 09 23 I though ReachLocal service levels and trackability of pay per click key words using proxy numbers was an excellent service. It’s a shame ReachLocal is dishonest, lies and misleads customers, if they had some integrity there would still be a Reach Local UK today.

To be honest Im amazed that ReachLocal is still going in other countries and that customers have not worken up to this Scam. I can confirm that Met Police Financial Crimes Directorate are aware of this Scam Ian Puddick London

Product or Service Mentioned: Reachlocal Internet Marketing Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I liked: Ppc trackability.

I didn't like: Charged me 50 per cent more than they agreed too.

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I heard this guy is a competitor now - had nothing but excellent results from ReachLocal and loved their CEO who always went the extra mile for our business.

to David Coutrey #1462419

I too had an excellent experience with ReachLocal and John Mazur who handled all our advertising for 40 locations. This review is from a competitor who lost his biggest client to ReachLocal.

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