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We had ReachLocal call, stating that they had talked to us in January about our website being non-compliant and that we needed to call them back to resolve the issue. First of all, non-compliant with what?

We are following all rules as required by the State (i.e. license numbers with advertising, etc.). Secondly, we have never talked to ReachLocal.

We aren't sure why they would attempt to start a business relationship with a lie, which is always a precursor to how things may go in the future. After googling them and realizing that they are a marketing firm, we were glad that we've had no contact with them, their reputation is horrid.

Reason of review: Deceptive practices.

I didn't like: Being lied to, Deceptive practices.

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Did they get around to telling you they would be keeping over 60% of your entire marketing budget for themselves if you signed with them ?!!!!! If they tried to deceive you into believing you had a previous relationship to get the business, do you think any clients are told how they actually charge, this is the real scam here?

They work very hard at hiding this detail from everyone. Complete sham company, no disclosure around the costs, lie, cheat and steal as much as you can is their mantra.

to Anonymous Vancouver, Washington, United States #1198239

Why are you anonymous if you have nothing to hide? I'm looking for the truth BEFORE I engage with this company, but would like to know the particulars, not everything being so ambiguous.

ReachLocal Response

Kelly, Our employees are required to identify themselves and ReachLocal when calling clients or potential clients. While it sounds like they may have been calling to talk to you about making sure your website was mobile-friendly to comply with Google's Mobilegeddon update, it doesn't sound like that was explained correctly.

We'd love to get more information about this from you so we can ensure our employees are reaching out to clients and potential clients in a transparent way. We'll have someone on our team reach out to you at the email address provided, or you can email us directly at clientcare@reachlocal.com.

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