Reachlocal is about to be brought to account for there deceptive and misleading conduct. A class action is underway. This is a case with over 200 applicants and counting. If you are one of those who has been mislead by Reachlocal, get on board now and join the class action. Also spread the word to others whom you know have been clients of Reachlocal. They have the right to know. Obviously, there are more and more clients of Reachlocal have noticed that they have been ripped off with their budget spent.

If you want to join, this is the CASE NO. 2:14-cv-03400.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss class action. Reachlocal needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned class action in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Reachlocal.


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I'm based in England and the ReachLocal UK company is currently in Administration.

Does anyone have any info of any similar action being taken against them over here as I'm guessing it is effectively classified as a separate company.

Or if there's any way we could join this suit it would be great to know more please.

to Anonymous London, London, United Kingdom #1131843

You can of course talk to the administrators and see if they are willing to hand the case over to the Secretary of state. At the moment Reachlocal are in admin BUT you can get that changed to an official receiver/insolvency service to take over and then it will become a secretary of state situation who could then act for the clients (you) and try and prosecute the people responsible


i'm in Australia and would like to know more about the UK lawsuit, but also , is there any class action being taken in Oz, ?

to raped by RL London, London, United Kingdom #1131840

We are building a class action in Australia and the US. If you would like to register interest go to www.ppcclaim.co.uk


what is the latest with the class action and what are the claims of the plaintiff?


I'm in Australia and am trying to get out of our contract with them.. Do you have any info of were I can get assistance in Australia or an industry body ect .

to Anonymous #1017151

Just stop payment. It's too costly for them to take it to court.


In my case the company name was used as an add word to boost the figures. I was paying for clients who just put my company name into the address bar to shortcut to my webpage.


WOW, I have to say the comments on here are ludicrous.To the gentlemen only worried about how much money was spent on Google...

do you even have a clue how ReachLocal's PPC campaigns are ran? They advertise on 98 percent of search engines during their ppc campaigns, not just Google so of course your Google spend will not look high compared to your total budget. GL with that holding up in court...

my God, if you guys are going to suit the company, you probably want to learn what you signed up for first.

to Anonymous #1017153

I'm sure they would have loved to know what they signed up for.The dispute isn't over web coverage, it's about honesty and transparency regarding spend.

If ReachLocal were honest at point of sale regarding their extortionate charges this debate would end.

Retaining 60% of the total budget to manage a PPC campaign is ridiculous. Their actual service is diabolical and the platform they continuously rant on about is useless. You can track and record calls within Adwords for next to no cost.

Do you have a clue how ReachLocal's PPC campaigns are managed? Most of their sales staff have never seen an adwords campaign yet they're responsible for it's management.

Just choose a reputable local agency that charges an acceptable fee (10-15%). Pay Google direct for your Adwords spend so you can see exactly where your money is going and pay the agency their management fee separately.

Don't be a scrooge over agency management fees as this will only limit the man hours assigned to your campaigns.

If you pay fairly you'll get better service.The additional investment will pay for itself many times over.

Stay away from ReachLocal, simple!

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