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Update by user Nov 20, 2015

They are working with us to resolve the issue.

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I was running a very successful PPC campaign for an urgent care customer. ReachLocal promised to bring in more business, expand their web presence through their superior technology.

It has been a complete disaster. Calls went way down, visits to the urgent care went way down. I gave them access to my Google Adwords account so they could improve the campaign and see the keywords that worked. They never took a look. We were locked into a 12 month contract and they would not let us out.

Each month, I'd get a new report showing poor results. I sent graphs showing a 30% decline in web visits. I told them the radius to use instead of covering the entire city. I recommended keywords to cut to be more focused. They ignored my requests.

I looked at their budget spending and it was all over the place. Our budget allowed for $70 per day. Some days they were spending $28 - $35 dollars and we had no business. Inexcusable.

Date Impressions Visits* Calls Web Events Calls Per Day

30-Apr 10028 297 36 102 0.4

26-May 21443 592 110 145 1.2

19-Jun 26772 811 153 217 1.7

1-Jul 13520 449 84 120 0.9

1-Aug 10720 323 67 87 0.7

1-Sep 22506 888 204 211 2.3

30-Oct 20525 626 182 171 2.0

They'd actually say the call volume was going up. At their best it was pulling 2.3 call per day per urgent care location. That is a horrible track record.

The final straw, our poor results dropped to exceptionally poor results. They failed to update the URL's for Google's switch. Google warned about this new format for months. Check out the graph and see how results declined for yourself.

We finally got out of the contract early. It was the worst experience ever. Find a local pro who can do PPC better.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $24000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You didn't really. You let us out of our contract which was the right thing to do considering your campaigns were costing our business thousands in lost revenue each month.

You offered a credit for your mistakes and then wouldn't let us use it unless we stayed with you for another month. Our business shot up as soon as we left as Google Analytics will prove.

to Anonymous Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1179766

How did you get them to let u out?? Your story is very similar to mine.

ReachLocal Response

Hello, Our employees are trained to interact professionally and courteously. We would like to look into this incident but need some details.

Please contact us directly at clientcare@reachlocal.com. Thanks.

ReachLocal Response

We're glad we could resolve your issue.

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